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Selling cheap chemicals
We are PT. Petronusa Timur Instrument sells chemicals for the most complete and best cheap industrial prices in Indonesia. What are the chemicals that we sell, the following are some types of chemicals that we also include: Xylene, drager tubes, hydrochlorid acid fuming, methanol, titriplex, acetone technically, isopropyl alcohol, tolune, hydranal composite 5, silica reagent and others . If you need various types of chemicals, you can immediately see various types of chemicals that we sell at low prices through a catalog of chemical products that we sell at low prices as below. But if you want to know the various types of chemicals that may need a detailed explanation of both prices and specifications you can directly contact us through our contact.
For prices we usually adjust the amount, quality and brand of chemical products that we sell. If you want a large amount of chemicals for your industrial needs, you can contact us directly with an explanation of how much chemicals you want to buy.

For more information please send me a message or contact us!


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